Old Manor

The Old Manor, in Sussex is a contemporary remodelling of a 16th century Grade 2 listed Manor House for an active retired couple looking to expand their home and workshop. The design sensitivity reworks and redefines the existing spaces of the house by inserting a number of contemporary extension boxes.

Arrived at after a period of detailed research about the historic development of the building and it’s important historic features, the project retains and enhances these features by revealing them as ‘ruins’ within the new elements. The three single storey boxes create new views through the house and greatly increase the houses connectivity with the garden whilst also creating a new external courtyard area: a previously external flint wall becomes washed with light from above; the former low garden wall is internalised and small details (such as coach hooks) are celebrated.

The building’s new details and materials are inspired by the 16th century original. Charred timber cladding (burnt on site by hand) forms the main exterior walls of the new extension boxes, harmonising with the existing blackened window frames of the original Manor House.