Meridian Water Masterplan

A unique site on the cusp of inner London and the Lea Valley Regional Park, in a landscape rich in wildlife as well as industry, Meridian Water will be a distinctive neighbourhood designed to nurture economic, environmental and social sustainability. Over 10,000 new homes, 6000 jobs and at least 6.4 hectares of new parkland in the Lea Valley

will be created over the course of the 25 year development.

Enfield Council has taken the bold decision to reject the usual generic house-building masterplan for this brownfield site in favour of something far richer and more particular to the site’s unusual setting and qualities. Bounded by the beautiful Lea Valley Regional Park, the site is strategically located along the London-Stansted-Cambridge growth corridor.

We see its current characteristics - a longstanding industrial presence, combined with abundant wild nature - as an opportunity rather than a challenge. With an experimental, holistic approach to architecture, landscape, programming and economic enrichment, it will become an exemplar of city redevelopment, combining nature and production with sustainable living, Meridian Water will be a benchmark for innovative 21st century city-making.