Byron Park

Architectural model of Periscope's plan for Byron Park, a 7-hectare park in Harrow, part of the "Building a better Harrow" regeneration programme

Periscope have been working for Harrow Council on The Byron Quarter project and Byron Park plan since December 2016. The latest Phase of this is to lead the development of a framework plan for a 7 hectare park, including kiosks, a bowls club and other leisure facilities.

We have been responsible for engaging a number of local stakeholder groups, statutory consultees (Environment Agency, Sport England), many Council departments and local residents. Consultation formats have ranged from one-to-one workshops, topic specific working groups and public exhibitions.

The Byron Quarter is a major scheme within the ‘Building a Better Harrow’ Regeneration Programme. The project will provide a long-term income stream to the Council from the development of Council-owned build-to-rent housing in a well-designed, mixed-tenure neighbourhood with leisure and well-being at its heart. By creating a strong relationship between sports and leisure facilities and Byron Recreation Ground the project will improve the use of the park, and maximise health and well-being benefits to prospective and existing local residents. Periscope are working with Duggan Morris Architects, Gort Scott Architects, Karakusevic Carson Architects and Mark Projects.