We're Hiring - Landscape Architect

We need a landscape architect.

Periscope is a young, inventive and thoughtful group of architects and landscape architects who believe that great design is the result of strong collaborations.

We're looking for talented, motivated and interesting people to become part of our team.

You should be a Landscape Architect with at least 3 years experience, with a strong understanding of design and an eye for detail.  You should have a good knowledge of Rhino and Vray, be proficient in AutoCAD  and be at an expert on all Adobe suite products. 

You must have experience of working in the United Kingdom and of the United Kingdom's planning, regulatory and construction systems.

Above all you must be passionate about making, building and thinking about architecture and landscape.

Please note that architects who wish to apply must demonstrate major project experience in the design and delivery of landscape projects.

Please send CV’s and work examples (of no more than 5 sides of A4 and up to 10mb) to hello@periscopestudio.co.uk.  

Periscope is an Equal Opportunities employer.

Applications close at the end of September 2016.