Periscope support the EU and Britain remaining part of it

There are clear economic reasons for remaining part of the single market, not least because it is our biggest export market and, whatever the Leave campaign might tell you, a Britain outside the EU simply won't have the same access to this market. The partners of Periscope have experience of running an SME and doing business with some of the countries that the Leave campaign would have you believe are the trading tonic to our would be Brexit (China, India and Russia to name a few).  Doing business in these places as a small company is incredibly difficult, why would we throw away access to the biggest, most convenient, most simple and most fairly regulated market we have? It simply doesn't make sense.

We also believe in the benefits of immigration, organisations from the Office for National Statistics to the Office of Budgetary Responsibility tell us that immigrants contribute more in taxes than they take out of the welfare state.  Immigration is not to blame for under investment in our public services.

The EU is a project of peace and tolerance and should be cherished and supported not diluted.

Finally, please remember that this is a decision which will affect generations to come.  If you have children or grand children please talk to them and ask them what they want - ultimately they will have to live in the Europe we shape this coming Thursday.  

The partners are actively participating in the Remain campaign this week, we encourage you to do so too, and of course to vote and vote Remain.